Short look at SEO Google Updates of 2017

You have a website ready, you have the content well written, you have your products and services all available online but then what is that not connecting you with the clients online.

Know more about SEO Platform:

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization which helps you optimize your site on the search engines like Google and Yahoo. The reason of optimizing your site on such search engine is because most of the clients across the globe prefer to come to on these platforms to understand about the new business and whether it can fulfil their requirements and needs or not. Such effective solution keeps on upgrading to make sure necessary privacy and security settings are well maintained and only original content is on the display.

Google SEO Updates for 2017

Although, SEO may seem to be an interesting concept in those millions of sites that are already registered on a search engine to bring your site in the top link is never so easy. Besides, the regular updates by Google make it more challenging for the business to meet the criteria. If you have noticed, Google has come up changes in its ranking algorithm most of the times. Some are tiny changes while some might shake up the entire SERPs. Here are some of the Google SEO updates of the year 2017 that you might want to know:

Fred Update:

This update was launched in the month of March in the year 2017. It focuses on the sites that specifically violate the webmaster’s guidelines that are made by Google. Most of the sites that got effects because of this update are blogs that have less quality of posts which were created for ad revenue purpose solely.


Using a Schema markup which has been a recent update of 2017 is becoming progressively important with the forever transforming Google and the evolving user trends. Its prime purpose is actually to comprehend the site and ensure that each of the information is correctly displayed. It can be helpful while choosing the answers that display the rich content such as Quick solution. With Google and Schema together, it serves the right purpose for the site and ensures that your text looks more appealing and enhancing enough that the purpose is extremely clear.

Alignment of SEM and intent signals:

It is quite obvious that if searches are to be made, it needs to be done with a focus on the display of commerce with the good number of ads on an average. It is usually done at the page top but when it comes to clicking per rate, you need to understand that as per the organic search, it is quite lower. To make sure organic and paid search term focus on achieving the target to boost the organic and paid efforts, the recent update allows the content strategy alignment to be done in a right manner.

Now Audience can List at The Campaign level:

This is another popular update of the year 2017 which is used under Google AdWords. It offers the advertisers with a better platform to assign the list of an audience with the choices to be done at the campaign level. Such advertisers can make the selection of the right audience for different ads at the Google AdWords.

Ranking as per Links:

There was so many keyword ranking which comes with huge jumps say more than 40 positions on the spot. At such time, Google’s algorithm started removing the sites that were not of high quality as it was initially. Because of this, such sites ended up getting low ranking. Google decided to remove all those sites that had low-quality user engagement or came with poor user interfaces

The search engine is crucial for every small and large scale business since it generates a good traffic and offers extra revenue source as well. However, it is important that you optimize your site as per the upgrades that Google and Bing search engines always come up with so that your site stays optimized on at least first two links on the search engine. This way, it will help you gain maximum attention of the customers in less time span and improve your business.

SEO is an important tool which any website can use for increasing the traffic and visibility of the same. Make the optimal use of such upgrades and advancements.



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